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Silas/23/They. New to this and just figuring it out.


my dnd character recently got some fancy new clothes (he's a bard) and that meant I just had to draw him in all his sanguine glory

huddson -

he reminds me of Snow White =0

farraigeart -

yeah! his outfit is based off of snow white's dress (and this piece in particular i tried to mimic a disney-esque style) the birds are straight up a rip off from the movie lol

i had finally figured out his personality was a mix of both snow white and cinderella (the disney versions of course) with a touch of a character from lotr (faramir).

this was after last session when i kinda realized he's VERY close to being a disney princess, so I've decided to go all-or-nothing and making him the most disgustingly positive and sweet character i can play as

im even memorizing some disney songs to perform as him :U

I think it's time to go home and go to bed, Zel.

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Color and landscape studies. I'm mostly focusing on color shifts and all that rather than getting the materials/textures 100% right.

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First drawing of the year!

Okay, technically fourth but others were just studies so they don't count

This is one of the quick portrait studies I've been doing lately. Mostly because I noticed the faces I paint started to degrade into generic anime type blobs LOL

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The night isn't so dark when you have such a bright companion.

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Responses for when you're asked to give your soul:

"I have no soul"

  • overused

  • boring

  • usually won't get good reaction

"Which one?"

  • new

  • exciting

  • creates excellent confusion

Bonus: say that none of them are yours

finally made ref sheets for my boy!

herobrined -

im a mld

man loving dirt

tiddywife-deactivated-2020AprThu-200409070409-499 -

im a wld

woman living dirt

transwerewolf -

i made flags :3

mld - men loving dirt

purple - being a man or boy

brown - the stunning hue of dirt

pale yellow - the love, of all kinds, for dirt

pink - the unifying power of love for dirt among men

wld - women loving dirt

orange - being a woman or girl

brown - the stunning hue of dirt

pale yellow- the love, of all kinds, for dirt

gold - the unifying power of love for dirt among women

nbld - nonbinary people loving dirt

green - being nonbinary of any sort, being genderqueer, agender, bigender, genderfluid, etc

brown - the stunning hue of dirt

yellow - the love, of all kinds, for dirt

lime green - the unifying power of love for dirt among nonbinary people

emlynlua -

*chanting* dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt

transwerewolf -

heres a loving dirt flag for the entire dirt loving community uwu

Loving Dirt

pink - the love of dirt from men

lime green - the love of dirt from nonbinary people

gold - the love of dirt from women

pale yellow - the love, of all kinds, for dirt, unifying everyone who loves dirt

brown - the stunning, universial hue of dirt, signifying that we will exist as long as dirt exists

peachy-queer -

In Case You Want To Smell Like Dirt

herobrined -

im buying it

cosmicaces -

quick! someone ask me if im going to be doing anything in the next 6 months

therainfallsystem -

are you going to be doing anything in the next six months?

cosmicaces -

i dont know! i dont have 2020 vision B)

therainfallsystem -

ohhhhh my god. oh my GOD

uncannyaro -

Being invisible is NOT the same as having privilege. Being able to be less vulnerable is NOT the same as having privilege.

Assuming an aspec person isn't opressed because they can hide who they are is the grossest form of bullshit I've ever heard of. It's the same bullshit biphobes pull with the 'oh but you can date the 'opposite sex', you're basically straight unless you're in a same gender relationship', and I am NOT having it.

Someone being forced into the closet to protect themselves isn't a hecking privilege, and if you try to claim it is you're denser than a heckdamned brick. Just because someone doesn't appear to be actively beaten up for their identity doesn't mean they aren't oppressed in other ways, sometimes ones you can't see (or willfully ignore).

Shut up, sit down, and listen to aspecs about the issues we face. Otherwise heck off.

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A Graphic on Bi or Pan, By Audrey

queerandproud-deactivated-2019SepWed-190904090936-3246 -


Reposted with permission from tumblr.

The original graphic was made by @themacklemorebrothers on tumblr, and can be found here: I hope everyone enjoys this graphic, and that it may help in discovering your label, if that's what you like!

And remember, no matter what descriptor fits 'best', you can use any and all that you want!


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Aromantic lesbians should not be accused of internalizing homophobia,

Aromantic men should not be accused of toxic masculinity or immaturity,

Aromantic bisexuals should not be accused of giving bisexuals a bad name or furthering stereotypes,

Aromantic people with other MOGAI identities should not be called "special snowflakes",

Aromantics should not be called heartless.

Aromantic people deserve to understand and take pride in their orientation, and those who disagree can meet the end of my sword ⚔️

gligar -

if ur lgbt and play stardew valley rb this with ur gender/orientation fav love interest and ur opinion on the fishing mechanic

you either :3 or you >:3c

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and that's that on that

Get the 9584 x 8126 px (150 dpi) version on Patreon!

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are you a forest or beach person? a thunderstorm or sunny person? a spring or autumn person? a vanilla or honey scented person?

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What are you, a cop?

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Sorry I can't come in to work today, I'm feral.